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Our activitiEs

In the branches of the CVJM Baden thousands of young people come together each week. Here the entire diversity of the YMCA-activities becomes visible: Body, soul and spirit are jointly addressed in this work.


Jungschar / Group for young kids

In the „Jungschar-groups“, boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 13 meet on a weekly basis to share a versatile program consisting of games, sports, music, outdoor activities and creative activities. Each “Jungschar-session” includes the telling of stories from the bible.

Once a year there is a 10-day camp for boys and a camp for girls.

Each second year all the Jungschar-groups take part in a huge camp that is attended mostly by around 500 young kids.



To be outdoors in the forest, to learn how to orient in the wilderness, to do knots or built „fire tables“ – these and some more are the activities of the YMCA-scouts.

Each second year there is a scout-camp and each year a championship of forest running including a deed-knowledge-testing. Trainings for junior group-leaders are being held on a regular basis.




Throughout the year, the CVJM Baden offers a variety of seminars and continued education trainings for youth-workers, where one can also acquire the Youth-leader-card („Juleica“).


Youth church service

An important aspect of the youth-work of the CVJM Baden are the special youth church services, that are often also co-created by the young people.



A yearly special event is the CVJM-Badentreff. Around 1300 adolescents and young adults come together to share “Youth work live” in a huge camp. The youth groups built their own tent camps within the tent city and take part in a great variety of activities of the Badentreff.


Camps and Weekend Meetings

Next to the big MAXX-Camp during summertime, there are many other weekend and recreational activities around the year, particularly in vacation times.



TEN SING is a short form for "Teenager sing" and is the creative music work in the CVJM. In the CVJM Baden, there are four TEN SING–groups.



From 18 years on, life gains an additional dimension. There are new chances and challenges. The desire for deep spiritual experiences, authenticity, or the need to experience faith newly or differently are characteristic for this time period.

For this age group, we do offer an array of activities such as pilgrimages, theological evenings and special church services for young adults.



In the CVJM Baden, families are of special importance for us. There is a specific workgroup that solely deals with the following questions:

  • strengthen families: by special activities for the entire family
  • trengthen parents: by special activities for parents and single parents
  • strengthen marriage and partnership: by special offers for couples

In this fast-living time, in which more than 50% of the marriages are divorced and many people do not marry anymore, we would like to encourage marriage and family and would like to discuss important issues around this topic.



In our sports offers, it is important to us to view each person as a creation of God. Therefore we would like to encourage young people to treat their bodies with respect and responsibility.

At our sports events, the gospel is preached in forms that are appropriate to the sports environment. A Christian community is offered that goes beyond the sports activities.

In the CVJM Baden, we offer the following sports activities: volleyball, soccer, Indiaca,

basketball, climbing, canoeing and rafting.