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Money is vital for a nonprofit-organaization

Much of our work like educational training for teenagers, family camps or volunteer programs are only possible through the generous giving of our donors. Approx. 500.000€ are given to our organization year by year and re-invested from us in young people. We are glad to see, that this money is positively live changing for many children, teenagers, young adults and families and beyond that a blessing for our donors. Investing in a young generation in social and spiritual skills is - according to our experience - the best investment in a future worth living. Especially unprivileged children and youth are our utmost concern. As christians we feel challanged to care for those who are often neglected. We would be most grateful if you cold help us in that mission. Donations can be trasferd to our banking account under:


CVJM-Landesverband Baden e.V.

Volksbank Bruchsal-Bretten eG

IBAN: DE77 6639 1200 0005 4666 01



Thanks a lot for your support in the name of many children, teenagers and families!

As we are an approved nonprofit organisation you can receive an official donation receipt for all donations from us!